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I Receive It…Even The Rebuke

I'm Godly proud to say that the ministry that I'm a part of is a highly prophetic ministry. God truly speaks through our house prophets and Holy Spirit uses them mightily. We know this because fruit follows their prophecies. They come to pass. Such a blessing. Many times, prophets speak and pronounce financial blessings, houses, ...


My Testimony

Over a year ago, I had a hernia that was blocking my stomach. Thus, I couldn't eat. I would eat a bite of a sandwich and it felt like I had eaten a Thanksgiving meal. I began to lose weight. A lot of it. I lost about 53 pounds. My doctor thought I had cancer ...


I Don’t Want It That Way!

When I go to the bank to make a withdrawal, the teller asks me "how do you want it?"  I usually tell them, it doesn't matter.  And most times is doesn't.  After all, either way you count it, it's going to equal up to the amount you withdrew, right?  Some may prefer all $20's or ...


There Will Be Glory After This!

I'm saddened to post today's blog. 6 days ago my big sister, the only remaining (blood) sibling I had went home to be with Jesus. I'm sad because I won't see her again in THIS life. I won't get to take her to Red Lobster anymore. I won't get to hear her call me "Toot" ...


How To Deal With Backstabbers

"They smile in your face...All the time they want to take your place; the back stabbers." Betrayal. The act of exposing one to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty.  To seduce and desert.  No one likes to experience betrayal.  That's obvious.  However, unfortunately, it happens.  And the saddest thing about betrayal is that it NEVER ...


How To Handle Afflictions

To be afflicted means to be distressed with mental or bodily pain.  It means to be troubled greatly or grievously.  Affliction is no ordinary pain.  It's deep pain.  To be afflicted says that I'm experiencing a pain and a trouble so great, that I have never experienced before.  If you've ever experienced betrayal, you know ...


Watch Your Mouth! Part 2

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." That's one of the biggest lies ever told!