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“He moved from there and dug another well. No one argued about this one, so he named it Room Enough. Isaac said, “Now the Lord has made room for us, and we will be successful in this land.”  ~Genesis 26:22 NCV

You’ll have to really read this entire chapter to get the gist of why this verse is so important.  But, in a nutshell:  There was a famine in the land.  Isaac planted crops and took in a huge harvest. Isaac sowed in that land and received a hundredfold in that same year.  God blessed him tremendously.  He was so blessed that the Philistines envied him.  As the lingo goes, they started “hating on him.”  Isaac dug wells for water.  Every time he dug a well, the Philistines would throw dirt and debris in the wells to stop them up.  To prevent the flow. But, Isaac didn’t allow his “haters” to stop him.  He kept digging.  He dug so many wells that the Philistines gave up.  They saw that they could not stop him. In verse 22 in the New Living Translation, he said “At last the Lord has created enough space for us to prosper in this land.” 

And that’s what I want to get over to you that are reading this.  Keep doing what’s right.  Keep being a blessing to people.  Keep giving to the ministry.  Don’t let your “haters” stop you.  Scripture reminds us that if we don’t give up, we’re going to reap a harvest in due season!

Notice the word “flow” above.  I believe that when God sees your faithfulness in the midst of adversity that He will open the windows of heaven over you and cause a stream to flow to you! Not just money…I’m talking about a flow of healing, a flow of miracles, a flow of prosperity, a flow of GREATER!  I decree now that because you are living under an open Heaven, you shall not lack ANYTHING! This is your year of GREATER THAN!  You’ve already experienced less than…it’s time for GREATER!  GREATER FAITH!  GREATER JOY!  GREATER PEACE!  God is going to bless your obedience with GREATER!

Won’t you please share, retweet, reblog this post?  Let’s spread the word to the believers that GREATER is upon them!

Here’s a snippet of my Pastors teaching on this.  Kingdom blessings to you!

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