When Worship Is Boring… Pt. 3


Let’s continue our series today…

When worship is boring to you, there’s been a disconnect.  An unplugging from the source.  Sincere worship ALWAYS produces the Glory of God.  If you look at the worshipers in the Bible, notice that there was not ONE time where the Glory of the Lord did not show up.  Here’s why:

  1. The people PREPARED for worship! Each worshiper carries the responsibility for personal preparation of his/her heart.  One of the main reasons that worship becomes “boring” to us is because our hearts aren’t ready.  There are too many ungodly issues in our hearts and you simply can’t worship Him with those weights.  Preparing for worship requires a level of honesty with God (John 4:24) that will allow you a place in His presence.  When you go to God “any kind of way”, you will not feel Him present, which would then bring about “boring worship.”  That’s when you begin going through the motions.  Just having church.  Prepare your heart before trying to enter His presence.
  2. Worship began BEFORE they entered the temple! Worship does not start when we enter the worship service, it should start at home.  And, it should not stop when we leave the service. That short period of time between our arrival at church and the beginning of the worship service is VERY critical. How we interact with others reminds us that we are there as part of a body. Intentionally quieting and settling our spirits before the service begins will also enable us to set distractions aside and again focus our corporate attention on God.  When you walk through the doors, you should either go to your seat quietly in worship or go to the altar in worship.  This is not the time to joke and laugh, it’s the time to get YOURSELF ready to enter His gates with Thanksgiving and into His courts with praise!
  3. They were OBEDIENT when it was time to worship! Every leader in the old testament had to call for the people to come together for worship.  They were not allowed to come up with excuses.  Worshiping God was mandatory!  Nowadays, when leaders call for worship (which typically is every Sunday) only those who have a continual hunger and thirst for God will be present!  When you have a dependency on God, you will not make excuses for why you can’t come to worship.  We have such a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to worship service.  This is due to there being a spirit of disobedience in operation.  When we get to the place where we are willing to forsake all and be obedient to the call to worship, it will NEVER be boring.  Whatever church you’re a part of, worship service is not optional, it’s required!

Our last and final part of this series will revolve around worship music, musicians and singers.  Stay close….

Kingdom blessing to you!

  1. I understand because I love worship in church and at home

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