When Worship Is Boring…Part 2

Yesterday, I ended Part 1 of this series by saying that we must get to the root of the problem. The problem being how one ends up “bored” with worship.  Let’s pick up there.  If you are one who’s having this issue, there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to help cultivate a new, fresh love for worship and church.

STEP 1:  REALIZE THAT WORSHIP/CHURCH IS NOT ABOUT US.  So many people expect to be “moved” by certain songs or music during worship.  They expect the musicians to play a certain way.  They want their favorite songs to be performed by the praise team or choir.  Notice, in all of that, God was not mentioned anywhere.  That’s the problem. Worship was NEVER meant to be about us, it’s supposed to be about God.  Your worship does not belong to the singers and/or musicians. It belongs to God alone!  Struggling with boredom goes beyond the type of music being played. Many people come to worship on Sundays expecting the sole focus to be about filling them up, a kind of selfish mentality. But, we miss a huge part of Christianity when we become so focused on ourselves. Hebrews 10:25 calls for believers to regularly come together as a way for us to encourage one another and for corporate worship.  When you walk through the doors of your church, at that moment, you should forget all about yourself and begin to concentrate on the Father. IT’S NOT ABOUT US!!!  We want the thrills and chills and goosebumps.  We want to be MADE to cry.  We want a performance. We want to be blessed.  But, what are we willing to give?  Are you willing to be vulnerable in the presence of God?  Are you willing to lay it all down just to pursue HIM in worship?  In churches all across this universe, so many people wait on the minister to preach and lay hands before they are healed, delivered, encouraged….but do you not know that you can get that during WORSHIP!!!

STEP 2: GET INVOLVED!  When your worship is real, you won’t have to wait for the worship leader to tell you to lift your hands.  There’s a willingness in your spirit that causes you to participate in worship.  Nobody should have to tell you what to do.  HE IS YOUR GOD!  Talk to Him in worship.  Pour out your heart to Him in worship.  Open your mouth during worship.  Don’t just sit there waiting.  Invite Him in.  Holy Spirit waits for an invitation from YOU to come in and fellowship with YOU!  In sincere corporate worship, there may be hundreds of people around you, but when your heart is turned towards God, there will be an audience of one!  Oh how He loves to receive our worship.  Nobody can talk to the Father for you.  Get involved!

We’ll talk more about this soon.

Kingdom blessings!




  1. I can’t wait for more of this on Worship, this is good!

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