When Worship Is Boring…Part 1


“Church was boring today.” 

“They’re singing the same old boring songs.”  

“I didn’t get anything out of the sermon today. It was boring.”

“Service isn’t good if we don’t dance.”

Yes, these are all things that we have either heard or said.  So, what happens when worship service is boring?  Do you switch preachers?  Ask for more singers?  Leave and go to a more “exciting” church?  For the person that is “bored”, either of those may be an option.  However, I’d like to submit this to you:  Maybe it’s not the church or the singers, maybe it’s you!  Maybe you need to tighten up your relationship with God…or GET a relationship with God.  I say this because if we serve the same God, there’s absolutely NOTHING boring about being in worship!  Here’s the problem; there are too many people that just “go to church” and not enough people who come to worship God.

With many people being incredibly busy, it is easy for us to fall into simply going through the motions. Going from one event to the next, we find ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. This rut and mechanical, robotic mentality can sometimes cause believers to become bored with worship on Sundays and ultimately with church. While this occurs with many believers at some point in their lives, the response as followers of Christ is never to stay in this boredom. Our first desire and passion should always be to “love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Deut. 6:5; Matt. 22:37). From this commandment, all other desires of the Lord fall into place. However, if we are struggling with boredom and resist the Holy Spirit’s pull to bring us back into alignment, loving the Lord with all our heart becomes pretty difficult. The very definition of “boredom” is a lack of interest and difficulty concentrating on a given subject. Therefore, when we are bored with worship or church, we are saying to the Lord, “I am not focused on what You are trying to teach me and reveal to me, and honestly God, I really don’t care.”

What occurs when we are struggling with boredom is that our first desire has strayed from loving the Lord, drifting instead to personal longings. Before we know it, our thoughts become indifferent toward God, because His plans interfere with the present state of our hearts (our own personal desire has taken top priority over God’s desires).  We must get to the root of the problem.  We’ll discuss that in Part 2 of this series tomorrow.

Kingdom blessings!


  1. This is really good… growing up in church I’ve heard that term used all the time and then I take a look at the person’s fruit (not judging) but you can tell that there’s a disconnect with their relationship with God. I think people forget that we are the church and that means everywhere we go, we should bring his spirit with us. So, when we come to the house of worship and all of spirits come together then boom… but our heart and focus has to be in the right place. Now grant it, the worship team might be weary looking at bored people who aren’t engaged (that’s another story and blog post) but basically like you said “it’s you” it’s us” we have to check our selves and I love that definition of bored. I never knew it was defined as so. We surely have to be careful of what we call bored.

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