The Prophetic Mantle – It Doesn’t Just Happen

Mantles Blog

“…and he took the mantle of Elijah that FELL from him…  ~ 2 Kings 2:14a

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that God is calling home “generals” in the faith.  Myles Monroe, Billy Graham, Archbishop Roy Brown, Dr. Richard D. Henton, just to name a few.  Each of these men had awesome and anointed lives, with fruit following.  You have to understand that when men and women of a certain caliber pass away, the anointing that they possessed doesn’t die with them; it’s passed on to another. It’s called a mantle.  But, it doesn’t just happen.  It isn’t passed on by happenstance or coincidence. This mantle “falls.” And this type of anointing doesn’t just fall on anyone.  It doesn’t fall on “good church members.”  It doesn’t fall on those who can just sing or preach well. It falls on sons and daughters.  It falls on those who have submitted themselves to their predecessor. Mantles don’t come without submission!  Nowadays, so many want to be recognized, but they don’t want to submit to anyone.  You don’t get a mantle without being trained, taught, corrected and rebuked by a strong, anointed leader. MANTLES COST!  It costs years and years and years.  And you can’t get that by jumping from leader to leader and from church to church.  The way to get a mantle is to SERVE WITH CONSISTENCY AND STABLILTY! Let’s look at Elijah and Elisha.

Elisha was consistent.  He served the Prophet Elijah faithfully.  Everywhere Elijah went, Elisha went.  When Elijah knew that it was close to time for him to be taken away, he asked Elisha what he wanted from him. Elisha replied, that he wanted “a double portion” of Elijah’s spirit on him.  Elijah said that that was a difficult request, but it would be granted if Elisha actually sees him when he “leaves” (dies.) And while they were walking and talking, a whirlwind (tornado) from heaven comes and takes Elijah up. And as he was going up, his mantle fell. A mantle is an ecclesiastical garment in the form of a very full cape that extends to the floor, joined at the neck, that is worn over the outer garments. Elisha grabbed that mantle and put it on him.  Elisha walked CLOSE with Elijah. Had Elisha been out trying to make a name for himself, or having the attitude “I’m just as anointed as he is…” he would have NEVER gotten that mantle.  Mantles fall upon humble people.

You know, it’s a good thing to desire to be great in the kingdom of God. But there’s a way to do that.  And the best way, is to be known as one who serves.  You can’t be anointed AND arrogant.  And if serving is beneath you, leading will never be your portion. Elisha served his prophet.  Serving wasn’t secondary on his list.  It was primary.  So before you set out to have a great name and preach to the nations, learn how to pick up a broom.  Learn how to serve your leaders in your local church.  Learn how to be at service when you’re supposed to be there.  Mantles fall on to servants, not “stars.”  Stay close to your leaders.  Follow the leader.  Most impartation comes from listening and not hands being laid on you.  If you want their mantle, be humble, be a servant, submit and stay close.



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