My Testimony

Over a year ago, I had a hernia that was blocking my stomach. Thus, I couldn’t eat. I would eat a bite of a sandwich and it felt like I had eaten a Thanksgiving meal. I began to lose weight. A lot of it. I lost about 53 pounds. My doctor thought I had cancer (lymphoma) people thought I had something else (folks can be CRUEL) but, I carried on. I didn’t miss a beat. I prayed HARD. My legs and feet were swollen so much so that I could barely walk. Turns out, there was no Lymphoma and no “stuff” that people said. I took some very expensive medicine to gain back my appetite. It slowly began to work. Yet, I didn’t understand why the doctors couldn’t tell me what was going on. They took so much blood that I felt like a human pin cushion lol. Nothing. I never understood why God would allow me to go though something like this with no medical or spiritual explanation. Then, you n Sunday August 12th, I heard a testimony of someone who went through a similar situation. No explanation to why it happened to her. While I was listening to her testify, I felt the burden of that whole thing LIFT. I wanted to run! I was so glad that God showed me that I was not alone!

I want to say to someone out there that’s going through without explanation, that GOD orchestrates these things. You may not understand now, but trust me, you’ll understand it better by and by. You’ve got to stay prayed up. You’ve got to stay focused. You’ve got to continue to trust in God. I had begun to worry at first, honestly. But, my faith kicked in and I stopped worrying and trusted God even more! I want you to know that even in this, God WILL be glorified! God healed me. And He will heal you too! Don’t lose your faith!

Lastly, DO NOT LET WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU DEFINE YOU! You are what GOD says you are! And, you don’t have to go around trying to “give people a piece of your mind” because of the evil, negative things they said about you. God is a God of vindication. HE WILL CLEAR YOUR NAME! He’ll vindicate you and then elevate you ABOVE your enemies. Psalms 37 tells us to not fret over evil doers because they will soon be cut down and wither as the grass. So, be encouraged. And give God praise for what He’s doing, even though you don’t understand. God is YET in control and in due time, he’s going to bring a SHIFT of healing to you. Mind, body and soul.

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