Prophetic Junkies

Addiction.  It’s a real thing.  It’s affecting our world.  Addiction can be defined as the fact or condition of being HOOKED to a particular substance, thing, or activity.  According to http://www.thedawnrehab.com, there are 9 common addictions.  They are: tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, painkillers, cocaine, heroin, gambling, sex and internet addictions.  And after being hooked for so long, some will begin to do any and everything to get the “fix” that they’re looking for.  This is when they become what’s commonly known as a “junkie.”  A junkie is a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something. They can’t function properly without getting whatever substance, thing or activity that they’re hooked on.

I believe that in this hour, God is sending forth men and women that He has entrusted His secrets to.  Those can can sense, hear, feel and see what’s happening in the spirit realm.  Prophets.  We need them!  I pray that every church has some type of prophetic voice that can speak what God says speak, when He says speak. Personally, I’m so glad that my home church is a very prophetic ministry. Our Co-Pastor walks heavily in the office of the Prophet. Thank God for her. Thank God for all prophets that are actually called by God.  But, it seems to me that there has become a dependency on the prophet as of late. Some have become “prophetic junkies.” It’s as if they can’t function from week to week unless they “get a word” from a prophet. Some have even gotten “offended” or felt slighted because they were not “called out” by a prophet. (Holy Spirit revealed this to me)

Again, WE NEED THE VOICE OF THE PROPHET! I can not stress this enough. However, the voice of a prophet should NEVER replace your relationship with God! You can not become so needy concerning prophecy that you stop talking to God for yourself! This shows spiritual immaturity. You’re losing if you put the bible down (which is God speaking to us) and just wait for the next prophecy! God desires to speak to you HIMSELF! There are those that run from prophetic conference to prophetic conference to get their “fix.” We’ve put God on the back burner for the next voice. Things will change if you seek GOD instead of seeking “a word.”

I’ll be continuing this topic in the upcoming weeks.  We need to understand the prophetic. It’s not deep.  It’s not spooky.  It’s God ordained and a part of the five fold ministry. We’ll talk more about this next week.  Be blessed!

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