How To Deal With Backstabbers

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“They smile in your face…All the time they want to take your place; the back stabbers.”

Betrayal. The act of exposing one to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty.  To seduce and desert. 

No one likes to experience betrayal.  That’s obvious.  However, unfortunately, it happens.  And the saddest thing about betrayal is that it NEVER comes from your enemies. Those who don’t know the value of loyalty can never appreciate the cost of betrayal.  As people of God, we have to exercise our discernment.  I say this because, some of the most poisonous people come DISGUISED as friends…and sometimes family.  Every betrayal begins with trust.  If you take a look at the scripture reference above, you’ll see that the Psalmist David experienced betrayal.  Notice, he said that the one that “did him in” was one that he ‘took counsel’ with.  They went to church together.  They enjoyed sweet communion together.  And this same person betrayed him.  I recall a sermon that I heard Bishop Jeffrey Davis preach, it was called “my friend did this to me!” This signifies that it is those that know you.  That know your past.  They sometimes know your secrets. They swore to never disclose them.  But they did and now you’re hurt.  And my friends, betrayal brings about some of the deepest hurts that you will experience, besides the death of a loved one. 

So, how do we deal with betrayal?  First, you must be willing to accept the fact that this really happened.  You have to acknowledge that you’ve been hurt.  As spiritual as we are, we are yet human and we hurt.  You must take that pain, that hurt to the altar and leave it with God.  He is the only one who can heal you from such an experience.  And you MUST be willing to forgive the one(s) that betrayed you.  Betrayal is a robbing of security through a breaking of trust.  We overcome the heartache it causes by giving our pain to God.  We call the betrayal for what it is, reconsidere our personal boundaries, and recognize that only God is truly trustworthy.  You will come out better better because of it.  

Lastly, often times people will betray you by bringing up your past.  They will go around to people that they KNOW love you and will say things like “be careful of him/her…”  Or, “I remember when he/she was like this…”  Or, “If I were you, I wouldn’t trust them because I heard that…..”  And the worst part of this is that it comes from people you know!  It comes from people that see you, hug you, greet you….and all the while, they are hiding a knife, waiting for an opportunity to stab you in the back.  My friends, don’t let this stop you from being great in God.  Don’t retaliate.  Keep letting God use you and get the glory out of your life.  And don’t tlet them know that you’re “on to them.”  Keep smiling.  Keep loving them.  God is watching YOUR response to how THEY treat you.  Psalms 37 gives us a reassurance that these people (evildoers) will soon be cut down.  Endure hardness as a good soldier.  Be encouraged and know that in the midst of your hurt, your pain, your tears…SOMEHOW, God will get the glory out of it.  

“Smiling faces…sometimes, they don’t tell the truth.” 

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