How To Handle Afflictions


To be afflicted means to be distressed with mental or bodily pain.  It means to be troubled greatly or grievously.  Affliction is no ordinary pain.  It’s deep pain.  To be afflicted says that I’m experiencing a pain and a trouble so great, that I have never experienced before.  If you’ve ever experienced betrayal, you know affliction.  If you’ve ever been accused of something that you haven’t done, you know affliction.  If someone that you care or love deeply has turned their backs on you, you know affliction.  If you’ve ever had an unexplainable sickness, you know affliction.  AFFLICTION HURTS DEEPLY!  Yet, we see in the scripture, Psalms 119:71, the Psalmist David declares that it was GOOD for him to be hurt.  He says it was good for him that he experienced such great trouble or sorrow. The bible speaks much about affliction.  

The trials and tribulations of life have a way of knocking the wind out of our sails. One day we’re going along pretty well, when some unforeseen situation suddenly blows us out of the water. At that moment, it seems like life, as we know it, will never be the same. We have to be careful at this point however, that we don’t get so focused on our circumstances that we can’t see Christ. Believe me, that is an easy thing to do.

There is one thing we need to get straight in our thinking today—our trials do not destroy us, but our response to them can. Devastating things happen to people all the time, but not all are destroyed by them. So what’s the answer? The answer lies in the choices that one makes when faced with a difficult situation. 

So, you’re afflicted.  What are you going to do? Are you going to quit?  Are you going to throw in the towel?  Are you going to run away?  No!  You’ve got to remember what the scripture says, Psalms 34:19 says “Many [are] the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.”  So your job is to continue to trust God through every affliction that you face today.  Be certain that He sees what you’re going through.  He is not blind concerning your trials and tribulations.  God is concerned about you!  He promises to deliver you out of every one of your troubles. Just wait on Him.  Take a look at His track record.  Has He EVER failed you?  Has He EVER let you down?  God’s “resume” is impeccable!  He’s the undefeated champion!  Go through your afflictions knowing that you have SUPERNATURAL assistance and when the time is right, THE LORD HIMSELF is going to bring about a shift of healing, a shift of deliverance, a shift of vindication.  He’s yet God, even in the midst of trouble!  And the results of these afflictions will cause you to grow and to be able to tell someone else of the delivering power of Jesus Christ.  This is why David said that it was GOOD for him to be afflicted.  It’s for your good, but for HIS glory!  You needed this pain so that God could get you to produce!  It’s out of PRESSURE that He gets the best out of us.  Hold on my brother and sister!  It won’t be much longer.  God’s going to get you OUT of this affliction!  Even this is working for your good!  

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