Passion: After The Love Is Gone


I imagine that one of the worst feelings in this world is being in love with someone and they aren’t in love with you.  Or, they once were passionately in love with you and then they tell you that they’re no longer in love with you.  It’s really something to love so deeply, whether it be a person or a thing, and then lose the love that you have for it/them.  To no longer desire it anymore. To lose the passion for it.  So, what do you do after the love is gone?  How many people have stayed in loveless marriages just because they’re comfortable?  How many people continue to dread going to work in a career that they despise?  And, how many people are operating in MINISTRY when they no longer love what they do? It happens.

My friends, there IS a such thing as a “season being over” for certain things, even in ministry.  Yes, God does give “lifetime” grace for some people, but that’s not the case for everyone.  Sometimes, you’re just supposed to do a certain thing or be in a certain place for a season.  Doing what you love to do for God/Ministry can be…no, IS so rewarding! However, God will SHIFT you from one place to another; from one facet of ministry to another, especially when you no longer have a PASSION for what you do.  And, if you desire to do something different for the ministry, don’t let ANYONE tell you that you’re out of the will of God!  People have a tendency to make others feel guilty because THEY feel that you should do something for the rest of your life. That shouldn’t be.  God allows growth.  God allows change.  God allows SHIFTS!  For example, there are people that are dancing, on the usher ministry….whatever church auxiliary/ministry they do, MISERABLE because of what someone else thinks that’s what they should do.  I say to you to follow the leading of the Lord.  He will guide you.  It’s HIS will that is what’s best for us.  Not our own and not another voice.

So, in this season, if you’ve lost your passion for what you do, seek the Lord. Tell Him your heart.  There is SOMETHING that you can do for the building up of the kingdom of God. But whatever you do, don’t stop working!  God has gifted you.  You’re talented and anointed to operate in the kingdom!  After the love is gone for one thing, find love in another talent that you’re graced with.  God will bless and anoint you when you’re passionate about what you do AND it’s the will of the Father for your life.  Get moving!  Don’t stay “married” to something that you have no desire to continue.  You won’t grow that way.  Make sure you’re grounded.  Make sure you’re stable.  God blesses stability. And stop uprooting yourself when things don’t go your way or when things get difficult. Some of you haven’t lost your passion, you’ve lost your willingness to be discipled! Remain teachable. God and only He can give you a passion for what pleases Him.

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