Drs. Curt and Linda Stennis (Apostles, Publishers and Authors) have released their latest book entitled “What Do I Do When SHIFT Happens?”  I was privileged to be at their book signing to purchase my copy!  I’m telling you that this book is FULL of prophecy and words on the “shifting” that is taking place in our lives!  All across the land, men and women of God are declaring and prophesying that “a shift is taking place.”  Or, “God is shifting you.” The word “shift” has become extremely popular as of late.  So, when God speaks that word to you, what do you do?  The shift just doesn’t happen.  It isn’t automatic and immediate.  This book tells us exactly what a shift is and exactly what we should do when “SHIFT HAPPENS.”  Allow me to give you a few excerpts from this awesome publication.

“There is a SHIFT coming to the people of God to totally vindicate and exonerate them.  The blame and shame is going to be shifted off you and placed where it rightly belongs.  God’s going to clear your name!  Vindication is a sweet thing.  Your reputation and character is defended when you are vindicated.  We must wait on God to clear our names.  God will execute justice on our behalf.  He is our avenger and vindicator.”  ~From chapter 5 – The Shift Of Vindication

“When momentum comes, things become easier.  Momentum is your “help” to do what you desire to do.  Remember, momentum shifts, so take advantage of this time and season and accomplish what you need to accomplish.  Make it happen!  The favor of God is upon you releasing momentum to move you forward!” ~From Chapter 9 – The Momentum Shift

“People are hungry for a rhema word from God, an anointed, relevant word, not recycled sermons and canned good sermons.  There are many that desire a move of Holy Spirit, not an orchestrated “man-made” move.  In this paradigm shift, we are seeing more manifestations of miracles and the supernatural.” ~Chapter 13 – The Paradigm Shift

Man, I could go on and on about this book!  But I won’t.  You’ll have to get your own copy!  LOL!!!  To purchase your copy, just click the Amazon link beneath the picture of the book.  Get one for yourself and get another copy to bless someone with!  Everyone needs this book in their libraries!  That’s it for today folks!  Until next week, KEEP CALM AND SHIFT ON! 


To purchase:

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