Watch Your Mouth! Pt. 1

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“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”  ~Proverbs 18:21 Message Bible  

I want to speak to all in leadership positions today and those who desire to be in a leadership position. (This will be an ongoing series of blogs) 

Spiritual suicide can be defined as the willful, intentional  (or unintentional) act of causing one’s own spiritual death in Christ.

We all have feelings.  But, we can’t always choose to ACT on those feelings, especially when it will cause those around us to stumble.  Yes, we do have free will.  Yes, we do have the right to choose.  Yes, we’re grown.  But be careful:  we have the right to make the choice, but we DON’T have the right to choose the consequences that come from the choices that we make!  And, what you DO and SAY has a huge effect on how others receive you.  Social media has made it so easy for people to “get stuff off of their chest.”  But, when you’re in leadership, that’s not always a good idea.  There are people who are on assignment from the enemy and they are WAITING for the chance to say, “see, I knew he/she wasn’t that saved.”  Or, there are unbelievers who sit and watch what we post and THIS is their reasoning for not coming to Christ or the church!  And it’s OUR FAULT!  What you say matters!  What you POST matters!  We’ve got to learn how to be quiet sometimes.  1st Thessalonians 4:11 admonishes us to “study to be quiet.”  Too many people are committing spiritual suicide because we talk too much. WATCH YOUR MOUTH! 

Leaders, (especially in the five-fold) you can’t say whatever you want to say and think that it’s ok.  It’s not.  It’s not attractive for ministry and God is not pleased when our mouths are like unto a faucet that doesn’t shut off.  Gossip should not be named among us!  Are we perfect?  No!  But, as a leader, there are some things that your name should never be attached to!  I’m a Pastor.  How would it look if I were on social media posting pictures of me at a bar (or at home even) drinking and smoking and partying…and THEN call myself “ministering” to someone?!  You have killed your witness!  No one is interested in anything that you have to say!  THAT IS SPIRITUAL SUICIDE!  I’m going to talk more about this in the days and weeks to come.  It will be a bit more regular than just weekly.  My hearts desire is to help enhance the body of Christ but we can’t do that when no one wants to hear anything that we have to say.  Be accountable.  Be careful.  Life and death are in your mouth.  What you say has the potential to kill someone…it has the potential to kill your ministry.  Today can be a fresh start.  Pray a prayer of repentance and change.  Your spiritual life depends on it. 

God bless you all! 


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