When God Is Silent.


“Hello? Hello?  Is anyone there?  Hello…”  

I preached a message once called “Where Is God When I Need Him?”  This is how many of us has felt at one point in our lives.  Like we’re in a war all alone.  No one to talk to.  No one to lean on.  Just out there all by ourselves.  Be honest.  You’ve felt like that at least once in your life.  You just needed someone to “be there.”  Not for advice, not for encouragement even…just be there.  And in some cases, that never happened, so, we carried the burden all alone.  This is worse for the Christian because, truth be told, we EXPECT God to be there to listen to us and speak to us.  But what happens when it seems that He’s not there?  The circumstances are dire.  It’s a “9-1-1” emergency…and you feel alone.  “Hello? Hello?  Is anyone there?  Hello…” 

Our task isn’t to decipher exactly how all of life’s pieces fit and what they all mean, but to remain faithful and obedient to the God who knows all mysteries. This is the kind of faith that’s pleasing to God—a faith that’s determined to trust him when he hasn’t answered all the questions, when we haven’t heard any voice from the whirlwind.  My friends, when God is silent, there’s a reason for it and a lesson in it.  But be assured that even in His silence, He’s there.  You can go through so much and not hear from Him, and the first thing that the devil does is get in your ear and say “see?!  Where is your God now?”  I want to say to you today that however tough life is for you right now, GOD IS THERE!  Don’t allow the enemy to convince you that you are alone.  GOD IS WITH YOU!  You are not alone!  Deuteronomy 31:6 says “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”  The devil is a liar!  God is omnipresent, which means that He’s in ALL places at ALL times.  Even in your situation…HE’S THERE!

I’ll leave you with lyrics from a song that changed how I looked at the “silence” of God.  The song says:
“Oh I know, my friends, my loved ones they care for me.
Yes I know, if it were in their power ,they would always be there for me.
But I know it was JESUS planning those times
When I needed that friend and I couldn’t find a friend anywhere around..
That He might teach me to only depend on Him.
To Teach me to only trust Him.”

So my friends, never mistake God’s silence for absence.  Just because He’s not talking doesn’t mean He’s not present.  He’s there.  He’s there all the time.  And just when you need Him the most, He’ll speak.  Stay encouraged.  God is with you.

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