The Rain Is Coming!

The Small Sign - Made with PosterMyWall (1)

Drought.  A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall.  A prolonged absence of something specified.  When a drought occurs, farmers may lose money if a drought destroys their crops.  People might have to pay more for food.  My point it, that nothing good comes from a drought.  If a drought lasts long enough, it could possibly cause loss of life.  And that’s how some of you feel today; like you’re in a drought.  Everything is seemingly dried up.  Finances dry.  Resources dry.  No signs of life in certain circumstances.  You’re saying “Lord, when will this end?”  Well, my friends, it’s my lot today to tell you that your drought is about to end!  THE WAIT IS OVER!  THE RAIN IS COMING!

God’s about to bring LIFE back into your situation.  Just when you thought it was over, you see a glimpse of light.  Just when you felt like the drought wouldn’t end, you see a cloud.  But, it’s only a small cloud.  You may feel like asking “How can THIS be an answer to what I need?  I need MAJOR blessings and THIS is my sign?  This little thing?” But I’ll say to you today, don’t miss a BIG blessing because you ignored a small sign!  Little is much in the hands of our God!  

God may not come the way that you’re used to Him coming.  He’s not predictable.  You can’t figure Him out.  His ways are not like ours.  Neither are His thoughts.  God is so powerful that He’ll use fire to bring rain!  So, don’t think that you’ve got God all figured out! Just trust that He knows what He’s doing.  In the midst of your drought, God has spoken and said that there would be rain so PREPARE FOR THE RAIN!  It’s going to rain on your money.  Rain on your job.  Rain on your ministry and your church.  It’s going to rain on your sickness. Yes, a rain of healing is coming to you!  A rain of deliverance is coming to make you FREE!  Prepare for the rain!  


Until next week…..

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