HELP…I’ve fallen but I WILL get up!

A New Design (17)

One of the most happy times of any parent is seeing their child take its first steps.  Pictures and videos are taken to keep those memories.  They want to make sure they’re able to relive those moments.  It’s cute.  The baby takes those steps and then down he/she goes.  And, the parent is right there to pick that child up and stand them on their feet again.  Once it’s in the mind of that child that “I can walk”, most children forsake crawling. They keep at this walking thing until they get it!  They fall down, but either on their own or with the help of their parent, they get back up.  That’s how it is in our Christian walk.   Nobody said that this road was going to be easy just because you’re saved.  Nobody said that you wouldn’t make mistakes.  Christians are not exempt from falling down!  And I’m so glad that IF I do fall, I have someone there that will help me get back up.  We want to live the best life that we can, of course.  However, because we are fleshly beings, at some point, you’re going to make some type of decision(s) or the enemy will throw something in your path that may cause you to stumble.  The bad news is, you may fall.  The good news is, we have a safety net!  

Psalms 37:24 says, “though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.”  The Lord is our safety net!  He loves us so much that He’ll protect us from the great falls of life.  Not to say that you won’t stumble, because you will.  And, the truth of the matter is, some of you may actually fall.  But if your roots are deep in Him, you won’t stay down.  You WILL get back up again!  We have a race to run and you can’t run, nor win, and you’re down.  You’ve got to get back up, stay in the race and run!  I know things are hard.  I know it seems like you’ll never get back on top.  I know you’re carrying your families weight on you.  I get it.  But you’ve got to have that determination that pushes you to get back up.  Get that second wind.  Get your drive back.  Don’t let life beat you down until you just want to give up.  WE HAVE A SAFETY NET!  If you fall, you’ll fall into the arms of a loving God.  A caring and compassionate Father.  He will help you get back on your feet. 

I need you to understand that there is nothing that you can do so bad that God won’t help you get back to your rightful place in Him.  The problem is, when we stumble or fall, the spirit of guilt and shame will come in and cause you to push yourself further and further away.  But, the devil is a liar!  GET BACK UP AGAIN!  I rebuke depression, guilt and shame off of you now in the name of Jesus Christ!  You WILL get up!  You WILL run!  You WILL have a life!  No demon will defeat you!  You are MORE than a conqueror through HIM that loves you!  If you’ve been out of church, GO BACK!  If you’re in a back slidden state, Jeremiah 3:14 says that He (God) is married to you!  HE LOVES YOU STILL!  Yes, we fall down, but we get up.  Call on the name of the Lord.  His name is a strong tower!  You can run to him and find safety!  So, be encouraged today.  Whatever you’re facing; whatever you’re dealing with; land in your safety net, which is the love of Jesus Christ. 

Until next week…..

  1. Thank pastor Willie , this is so helpful and encouraging, I have family and friends that have fallen , and me too but I am so over joy that I have a safety net and I fight fight to get back up , Thank you thank you , continue to share ,your blog are a blessing to so many , and to me , thank you

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