Timing Is Everything!

Hear me with your heart today…

I’m a bit unsettled in my spirit today.  I’ve always tried to be a man of order.  Anything in disorder or chaos disturbs me.  I strive to always do things the right way.  I pray and ask God to share with me, reveal things to me, lead and guide me…and He does.  Am I perfect? Far from it!  However, as a leader and a seasoned Christian, I know the difference between right and wrong, naturally and spiritually. And people of God, let me share with you that everything that we’re putting God’s name on, sometimes isn’t God…it’s just us moving out of time and/or in the wrong season. You’ve got to understand times and seasons.  You can’t be so title, power and fame driven until you move out of the timing of God.  Listen, God wouldn’t lead you to do something that’s “illegal” in the spirit!  He’s a God of integrity!  What you want and what you’re seeking may be rightfully yours, but if the timing of that thing is off, it won’t work out well.  You’ll end up right back at square one. 

Luke 15 talks of the prodigal son. Long story short, he asked for his inheritance (which was rightfully his) but he got it at the wrong time.  Look where he ended up; in a pig pen eating “slop” and doing wicked and vile things that was unlike his character.  He ended up right back where he started!  When you move out of the timing of God, you’re on your own!  God is not obligated to bless your illegal actions.  We’re chasing titles and want to be “great” but are non-submitted and non-committed.  No accountability.  We’re moving without the “blessing” of a spiritual covering.  WHERE ARE THE TRUE SONS AND DAUGHTERS?  The prodigal son thought that he was making the right move. But we see how that went for him!  The inheritance belonged to him, but it was the wrong time for him to receive it.  Ask yourself, “is this the right time?”  “Is this God’s ordained time for me to do this?”  

Lady Andria Stennis-Hudson said this:  “This is the age of the unprocessed generation.  Trying to make a name for themselves, but don’t have fruit!”  We need to get somewhere and be ROOTED before we go off talking about “God said……..”  Apostle Samantha Bynum said this:  “Your emotions can cause you to move out of timing.”  And I believe that’s exactly what’s happening. We’re being led by our emotions and not by the spirit of God.  I beseech you my sisters and brothers, be led by God.  And, if you’re attached to a ministry and/or pastors, don’t make a spiritual move without talking to them first.  The body of Christ can advance further and faster if we do things the right way.  

Submitted with nothing but love.

Until next week…..

  1. Amen! God is a God of integrity. God only honors submission and humility.

    Be blessed. God is with you.

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  2. This was awesome Pastor Taylor timing is everything. Wait on God because his timing is perfect and not only that make sure that it is God telling you to do it and not you telling yourself. People too many times want the title but not equipped for the work that goes along with it. This is good Pastor thanks for sharing.

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    1. Absolutely! And thank you for your support!



  3. He’s a God of time and season



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