This won’t be a long one. So just receive it as it comes. 

Holy Spirit said to me just a few minutes ago to tell His people that He’s coming.  He then showed me a tractor. (Weird, right?) I asked Him what that tractor meant.  He said to me that “I’m coming with ANSWERS but it won’t be the way they think I’m coming.  I’m coming in a different way and only my sheep will know that it’s me.”  

I prophetically declare that within the next 7 days, the Lord is going to show up in an usual way for you.  He will come with answers to prayers that you’ve had up before Him.  He will come with MIRACLES! Holy Spirit is going to even speak to some of you regarding a location change.  Not only are some of your zip codes about to change, your STATE is about to change.  SEVEN DAYS

Within this seven days, Holy Spirit would have me say to you that increase is going to hit your house.  He said “those that have been faithful to me and my house, I shall be faithful to their houses.” SEVEN DAYS! “I will have you to speak of more testimonies” saith God. “For I the LORD shall do it! Yea, even I shall perform it.”  

I speak prophetically that because of the strength of the Lord, you are going to kill what’s been trying to kill you! For some of you He says “fast again.”  There’s someone reading this now that has felt Holy Spirit urging and tugging at you to go on a fast.  DO IT THIS WEEK! Within seven days.  Even if you’ve just come out of fasting, Holy Spirit says FAST! You’ve got to prepare for this miracle! 

And, whatever church/ministry you’re at, sow a special sacrificial seed into the leader(s) there within the next seven days! IT’S GOT TO BE A SACRIFICE! This seed is going to unlock that which has been held up for you.  This seed is going to bring healing to your body and your mind.  This seed is going to even unlock spiritual gifts in you.  And those gifts that were lying dormant, the spirit of the Lord says that it’s coming alive AGAIN! SEVEN DAYS! 

If you’re a senior Pastor of a ministry, sow a seed into YOUR pastor within the next seven days!  The Lord is going to speak to some of you senior pastors through your own pastor.  Receive wisdom.  I even hear the Lord saying “strategy.”  Some of you have been asking the Lord for a strategy for growth.  He’s speaking to you within the next seven days.  KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN IN THE SPIRIT!  HE’S GOING TO SHOW YOU AND SPEAK TO YOU IN A DIFFERENT MANNER! Remember the tractor. 

It is so!!! SEVEN DAYS!!!!!



  1. Be blessed. God is with you.

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    1. God bless you sir.

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