It Shall Come To Pass!!!

Good day everyone!  I hope that each of you is having a wonderful Wednesday thus far.  Well, it’s the 13th of December.  The year has flown by!  We’ve gotten so much done this year.  And, if you haven’t accomplished everything that you’ve set out to do this year, don’t be discouraged!  You still have time to get it done.  Remember that God operates in seasons, not by our calendar!  You may have set some realistic goals for 2017 that you haven’t seen come to pass.  That’s ok!  Don’t let that get you down.  Why?  Because God’s timing is not likened to our timing.  His ways are not our ways.  You may have wanted to get it done by a certain time, but you have to understand that it may not be the ORDAINED time by God to get it done.  It has to fall in His perfect will and that may not be the time that you’ve set.

I really want to encourage you to not give up on your hopes, dreams, aspirations and visions.  Everything has a set time.  Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that there is a time for all things.  And that time is set by God.  Let’s look at a couple things:

  • In Habakkuk Chapter 2 (NLT), the Lord gives us clear instructions.  He urges us to write our vision down and make it plain.  He goes on to say that even though you have the vision written NOW, it’s not for now, it’s for a future time.  In verse 3 He said, “If it seems slow in coming, WAIT patiently, for it will SURELY take place.”  I want you to know that every single thing that God has promised you WILL come to pass!  The motto for my church (shout out to Salvation & Deliverance Ministries International) is “God ALWAYS Keeps His Promises!  That includes the promises that He’s made to you too!  Wait for it!  And in the King James Version of this chapter, He said that when it’s time for the vision to come to pass, that it SHALL SPEAK and not lie!  Rest assured that it (whatever your ‘it’ is) SHALL COME TO PASS!  The Holy Spirit gave that word to Prophet John Stennis some time ago at our ministry and as much as I’ve heard “it shall come to pass” down through the years, THAT time it struck my spirit like lightning!  The Lord really wanted to remind me that He had not forgotten me!  And I want you to know that today also…the Lord has NOT forgotten about you!  (I feel a strong presence of the Holy Spirit as I’m typing this) HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!!! Every dream you have…it shall come to pass!  Every vision….it shall come to pass!  Go back and revisit your journals/diaries/notes.  Rekindle the fire that you had when He initially gave you the vision.  LIGHT THE FIRE AGAIN!!!  Open the salon!  Lose the weight!  Write the book!   I prophecy now that there’s a grace on you to finish what HE started in you!  And “He which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ!”  Don’t let YOUR calendar discourage you from finishing strong!  IT SHALL COME TO PASS!!!  
  • In 1st Samuel Chapter 16, The Prophet Samuel went down to Jesse’s house to find and anoint the next king of Israel.  At this time, God has rejected Saul as king and God rebuked Samuel for mourning over someone (something) that He had rejected. (A message for another time.)  However, Samuel goes to Jesse’s house, sees all 7 brothers, but God had not chosen either of them.  Then, there was the youngest of the brothers…David.  A youth.  Tending to the goats and sheep.  Minding his own business.  But God chose little David to be the next king of Israel. Now we’re talking about waiting and the perfect timing of God.  Understand that from the time that David was anointed to the time that he actually became King, there was about a 20 year span.  It took almost 20 years for this anointing to come into fruition.  Listen, we’re living in a time where God is speaking through His prophets.  But you’ve got to know that every word that you receive from a prophet OR every word that God gives you for someone, may not be for immediate release!  It may be post dated!  Wow!  David received a post dated anointing!  The same applies to us.  When we receive a word from a prophet, don’t just go running.  Pray for clarity.  Pray for timing.  We can’t blame the prophet when WE didn’t do the work that’s required to bring that word to pass!  Also, if God gives you a word for someone, make sure to ask Holy Spirit for the correct timing to release that word.  The right word spoken at the wrong time could mess up someone’s life!  TIMING IS EVERYTHING!   Had young David just ran off and tried to do some kingly things right after he was anointed by Samuel, chances are, he would’ve ended up dead!  That’s how important it is that we know how to wait on vision.  If you move too soon and out of the will of God, things/people could perish!

I’m going to stop here because my ‘cup’ is full and about to run over!  LOL!!!  Listen, don’t give up on your visions and dreams.  Go after them with all your might.  Whatever it is that God has given you, hold fast to it.  God’s not a man that He should lie.  He wouldn’t have shown it to you if He wasn’t going to give it to you.  Get that pen out and start writing.  Go take the drive and see where you want your salon to be.  DO THE WORK!  I firmly believe that God blesses efforts when done through prayer and done in His will.  Ok, I’m done here.  I pray that this has charged your spirit to knock the dust of off your dreams.  God’s going to do it!  Just do your part.  IT SHALL COME TO PASS! 


Until next week……

(Next week’s blog: This does NOT look like where I’m supposed to be!)

  1. Thank you lord it shall come to pass
    Thank you Pastor Willie for your blog it always bless me and encourage me



  2. Thanks for the great reminder of God’s faithfulness. God is in a good mood. Always. Be blessed.



    1. God Bless You sir!!!



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