I Love God But……

David.  A praiser.  A true worshipper. He has left us with the legacy of the Psalms which has taught us all how to worship the Lord.  According to 1 Samuel 13:14, David was a “man after God’s own heart.”  He was a warrior.  He killed a lion and a bear with his bare hands.  He slew the giant Goliath with a mere slingshot.  He brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.  He was anointed king of Israel.  He then anointed his son, Solomon, king of Israel.  David was a great man!!!  So many accomplishments.


David was human.  He was flawed.  He made so many mistakes.  He committed adultery with Bathsheba who became pregnant.  He then arranged the death of Bathsheba’s husband Uriah.  He was a part of a dysfunctional family.  David failed to discipline his sons. His son Amnon committed the sin of rape and incest; he was murdered by David’s son Absalom.  David’s unauthorized census resulted in a deadly plague which infected the people.

What a loving God we serve.  He can take someone that’s so unworthy and call him the apple of His eye.  That’s what He did and does for us!  God loves us in spite of all of our flaws and failures.  And, David’s mistakes and sins did not keep him from serving God.  Psalms 51 (which is my mother’s favorite scripture) shows us that David fully accepted the fact that he had messed up pretty badly.  Yet, he maintained his relationship with God and continued to serve Him.  You can’t allow anything to keep you from coming to church.  Don’t allow anything to separate you from serving and worshiping God.

David was messed up, but he loved God!  He fell short of God’s glory several times, but he loved God!  He slept with a married woman and had her husband killed…BUT HE LOVED GOD!  Wow!  Isn’t it amazing how God doesn’t just throw us away when we really do deserve that?  It’s because of His Grace!  The unmerited favor of God.

We preach, pray, sing, serve, prophesy, lay hands….and STILL mess up.  If you didn’t DO it, you SAID it.  If you didn’t SAY it, you THOUGHT it.  The Bible declares that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God!  People that act like they never have needed God’s grace scare me!  There is not ONE person that has lived a sinless life except Jesus, the Christ!  I do not care how anointed you are, you need Grace!  It matters not how well we can do what we can do, WE NEED GRACE!  David said in Psalms 51 that he acknowledged his sin; he recognized his rebellion.  His prayer then was “create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew within me a RIGHT spirit.”  

He didn’t stay away from the temple.  He prayed and got himself right back on track.  Nowadays, saints will let a hang nail keep them from coming to church!  We’ll go to work with the very thing that we won’t go to church with!  Interesting.  We need to push harder.  We need to mature.  We need to be like David and let NOTHING stop us from performing our service to God.

You can love God with everything that’s within you and still miss the mark.  Yet, we are “glory carriers.”  He still entrusts us with His anointing.  He still blesses us with His presence.  So then, NO MORE EXCUSES!!!  Don’t you miss another worship opportunity because of a mistake.  Don’t you miss another church service because of a flaw.  God loves you.  Before he formed you, He knew you.  He knew that we would mess up.  He knew that we would make mistakes.  He knew that we would fall.  Yet, He loves us!  It then becomes our job to love Him back.  And that, by serving Him and coming into regular fellowship with like minded believers.

Let me reintroduce myself…

I love God but I’m flawed. Blemished. Damaged. Imperfect.  Hello. My name is David. 

Until next week…..

(Next week’s blog: TBD)


  1. OMG your blog just get better and better and so encouraging.
    I will share . Keep it going pastor Willie and psalm 51 is one mine favorite



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