The power of the mic

Good day everyone!  I hope that each of you are having a happy and prosperous week thus far. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for the holidays to come…and go lol…I love giving gifts, seeing family and friends, and eating some GOOD food!  And all of that is going to happen.  I pray that each of you have a great holiday season.  From last week’s blog, pray against the spirit of depression during the holiday season.  Actually, pray against it all the time! We’re in the business of helping spread the love of Christ.  The joy that knowing Him brings. But, you can’t distribute joy if you’re depressed yourself! Right? However, keep the Lord on your mind as much as you can.  The bible says that He’ll keep you in perfect peace, if you keep your mind on Him!

Well, on to this weeks talk. 2 weeks ago, I started to speak to leaders and those who would like to be in leadership. We will continue that now.


Donald Trump. The president of the United States. You know, I keep up with the news. Statewide, National and International news. Oddly enough, he’s in all. He’s the president, so why wouldn’t he be? However, I’m sure we’ve all noticed, the president has a tendency to tweet and say things that, in my opinion, he just shouldn’t say. Just because you have a platform to speak you mind, doesn’t mean that you should use that platform to belittle people or offer condescending remarks. If you’re a LEADER, your platform should be used to uplift people, not put them down. It happens in so many places. I’m a supervisor on my job. How bad would it be if I used that position to call those under me stupid, or dumb, or incompetent? Horrible, right? But there are people who do those things just because they’re in a position that makes them feel powerful. Makes them feel like they’re better than others. I know this, the ONE place that we all should be able to go and not be made to feel like that is the CHURCH! Sadly, some pastors (or anyone who is in leadership in the church) use their platform to just say whatever they feel and this sir/ma’am, is not right! It seems that something happens to some folks when they get a microphone in their hand! The power of the mic.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching and leading leaders for several years. Some of what you’re about to read are some points that I’ve been blessed to give to other leaders. I’ve been an instructor in several church leadership conferences and I pray that the would help some of you in your roll as a leader.

Being in the church for over 20 years, I’ve just about seen and heard it all. I’ve heard people curse, call people stupid (literally) and say all kinds of abusive things. I’ve seen people called up to do one thing and then do something totally different than what they’re supposed to be doing. THE POWER OF THE MIC! Leaders, let me help you! That’s all I want to do. Do I know it all? Of course not! But, the wisdom that I do have, I want to share with you. My goal here is to help bring order. That’s what we need more of across this world in some of our churches…ORDER! I’m going to list a few things and you can agree or disagree, but right is right lol. Well, here goes:

  1. Those of us who are a part of the fivefold: when given an assignment in our services, do what you’re asked to do. Nothing more, nothing less. If you’re asked to sing, sing. Don’t try to preach. If you’re asked to give remarks, talk. Don’t sing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone get the microphone for remarks and say, “I just feel led to sing this song.” Or, “I don’t want to be out of order but…” and they go on to do what they weren’t asked to do. WRONG! And here’s why: there are people watching and will say something like this, “the pastor just let people do what they want to do over there.” You know I’m right! What we do in our services affects how people see those that are over us. They’ll think that anything goes, just because we do what we want to do when we get a microphone. And chances are, if you say that “I don’t want to be out of order” line, chances are, you’re about to be out of order! Don’t make your leader(s) look bad because you have a mic and want to shine. Your time will come!
  2. The pulpit is NOT the place for YOUR opinion! We’ve been called to preach/teach the gospel. Not to give our opinions and call ourselves backing it up with the word of God. The word can stand on its own. It doesn’t need our opinion to help it! People are dealing with real issues. Real situations. And we want to talk about what WE think and what WE feel? No! Preach the WORD! When it comes to the gospel, we ought to keep our opinions to ourselves! An opinion doesn’t change lives, the bible does!
  3. Know when it’s time to sit down! I was taught like this, ‘when Holy Spirit is finished, you’re finished!’ Do you remember that song from the kid’s show “Lamb Chop?” There was a song that they did on that show called “the song that never ends.” And it really never ended lol. There was no end to that song whatsoever. As I watch videos on Facebook, I see people preaching for 2-4 hours long. Unreal. You have that much to say? Now, I can see if it’s good, prophetic, revelatory…but some of this stuff is just hollering and clichés. If it’s not inspired by the Holy Spirit, don’t say it! And if HE is speaking, let HIM speak! When He’s done, have a seat! The last thing we need is flesh on parade because people were moved by something that we said.
  4. Good leaders are teachable! Embrace the fact that you don’t know it all. True leaders remain teachable. You should never get to the place where you think you know everything. When it comes to learning, we should be like vessels that get filled up, pour out, and be filled again. That process should never stop. Always be willing to learn.

Well, that’s it for today. I have more points and teachings on this topic. And eventually, I will share those. I believe in being led by the Holy Spirit on what I write. So, I may move around from week to week. I may begin to write more than on just Wednesdays. Who knows? Either way, I hope that you enjoyed these points that I’ve shared. Make sure you let me know! Drop a comment!  As always, thank you for your support!!!

Until next week……

(Next week’s blog: “The one who came back.”)


  1. This was AWESOME & very TRUE.

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    1. This is an awesome Word!

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  2. Pastor Willie Taylor remember we was always taught if you get up there and act a fool that will be the last time you see the Mic. Bishop Davis use to say I’m gone let you get it out but that’s gone be your last. And also he taught us when you get the Mic if your not a singer please don’t try to sing. This is a good word and good wisdom you given pastor because I see a lot of stuff and I just shake my head because like you said it be so much flesh paraded and some don’t want to be taught order because they wanna do what they want to do. And not realizing how it makes them look to others and how it affects others.

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  3. I truly enjoyed reading this it hit area where every one can learn what to do this really blessed me

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  4. Til next Wednesday…



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