Don’t Just Stand There…DO SOMETHING!

Good morning and welcome to November!  Can you believe that we’re in the 11th month already? This year has flown by!  If you’ve set goals for yourself this year and it hasn’t come to pass, keep pushing!  There’s still time to get it done!  Put in the work.  As my friend R. J. Williams says, “goals don’t reach themselves!”  🙂

Well, there are 9 weeks left in this year and I want to begin a series of blogs on leadership.  So the next several weeks, I’ll be writing about different topics that target leaders and those who aspire to be leaders.  This is NOT just for church!  This is for leaders in the marketplace as well!

As I like to do each week, let’s go to the scriptures!

Acts 1:10-11 says, “And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, WHY STAND YE HERE GAZING up into heaven…?”

One of the most profound teachings that I’ve ever heard was entitled “Don’t just stand there, do something!”  This teaching came from my former Pastor,  Bishop Jeff Davis.  Bishop Davis taught me plenty about church, ministry and he single handedly developed me into the strong leader that I am today!  I appreciate him SO very much for that!

Back to the matter at hand; In the scripture above, Jesus had been crucified, buried and risen.  He had shown himself, post resurrection, some 40 times.  He had come here to do a work and had to go back to heaven with His Father.  Now was that time.  And as he ascended, his disciples were just standing there…staring. Gazing. Stuck. Doing nothing. Now, because they were so close to Him, I get why they were just standing there looking. But, I want to draw from that particular scenario and talk about a few things.

Whether in church or at work…any industry for that matter, there are those who work. Work hard.  Then you have those who just stand around looking.  They aren’t doing anything.  Leaders DO.  They take action.  They don’t just sit around staring.  Leaders LOOK for opportunities to do some work!  This separates leaders from followers.  And watch this, there are some in leadership positions that have the qualities and actions of a follower! Yup, I said that!  Let me explain…..

At my job, I have the privilege of being a supervisor of a team of 15 people.  Of those 15, there are a few of them that ask me periodically, “is there anything you need me to do?”  What sweet words to hear LOL…there are people who actually LOOK for work to do.  These are the people who aren’t content with doing nothing.  These are the people who are tired of just standing around gazing.  How dare you call yourself being on a team and do nothing!  It’s a sad person that allows their team to do everything and they don’t lift a finger.  That’s not leadership, that’s lazy!

*In the sport of basketball, there are usually 3 guards (Point/Shooting/Off), and two post players (Forward/Center)  If the point guard weren’t in the game the shooting or off guard would dribble the ball more.  Without the shooting guard, the off guard would have to score more.  Without the off guard, the shooting guard would have to rebound a little better and the forward would have to guard the other teams’ off guard possibly.*  Simply put, each person, regardless of position, need to contribute to the team.  How ridiculous would it look if each of these players are doing their job except the point guard?  That would put much more pressure on the other teammates.  If you’re in a leadership position, or want to be in a leadership position, you owe it to your current leader/team to carry your weight!  You may not be responsible for what others do but you ARE responsible for what YOU do!

Those who just stand around doing nothing will get left behind.  You’ll only see people passing you by while you just look on.  Get busy!  Had the disciples stayed where they were, just standing there watching, there wouldn’t have been an Apostolic movement!  You want to advance?  You want to be a great leader?  Then stop standing around looking at everyone else!  Get moving!  Ask your pastor, supervisor, boss…”Is there something that I can help you with?”  “Can I do something for you?”  “Do you need anything?”  It’s those people that God can trust with different tasks.

Lastly, be available.  We have so many people that are gifted and talented but they’re unavailable.  What good are your gifts if you’re never available to use them?  Bosses, Pastors and managers typically use those that make themselves available.  Being absent and late most of the time shows that the ‘job’ in not very important to you. Your lack of availability indicates that you’re ok with not advancing. It shows that you’re comfortable where you are. And it’s that very comfort that will get you left behind.  So, as leaders and soon to be leaders, your task now is to:

  1. Stop standing around doing nothing.  Make your self useful.
  2. Help your leaders! Whether in church or at work.
  3. If you’re on a team, step it up! Get busy!  Be a team player!
  4. Make yourself available.
  5. Make an effort to do better with your attendance and timeliness.

Don’t just stand there, DO SOMETHING!!!

*Special thanks to Coach Mark Stennis for the basketball examples and information*

See ya next Wednesday!

(Next Week’s Blog: The Power Of The Mic)





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    Awesome I enjoy this good word keep it coming



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    Thank you!



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